Donni Choi

Busan, Korea

Born and raised in Busan, Korea.

Went to San Diego when I was 24, and fell in love with Palm Trees. One thing led to another, I end up spending 7 years in California. Studied fashion design, worked as designer.

Came back to Korea and started to work at Seoul. Knitwear was not my strong suit becasue it was not easy to sew when I was in school, but the first job in Korea was Knitwear designer. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with sewing and I was happy to do all the graphic art for t-shirts.

After that, I started to work for a Fashion Retailer in Garosu Road, the hottest street in Korea. Oh, yeah. It was very hot.

Now, I just moved to back to my hometown, Busan, and live with a loving wife and a daughter.

Consulting companies and stores for better branding and trying to build a fashion brand of my own.

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