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The wedding day, for most people, is one of the most stressful of their lives. So how has celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown survived more than 3,000 of them? He has a secret weapon. “I try to use humor on a day-to-day basis,” he says. “I think humor makes the day far more fun and stress less burdensome.” But Brown’s warm and wacky sense of humor has done more than just smooth over nuptial nerves: it’s also made him a reality TV star. Fans of the Style Network’s top-rated reality show Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? have tuned in regularly to watch Brown and other big-city
wedding planners pull out all the stops to give couples the weddings of their dreams for more than a decade. And with his clever one-liners, gregarious personality and goofy on-camera
antics, Texas native Brown is definitely the fan favorite. “I let things come out of my mouth that generally stun everyone around me,” the energetic planner admits, laughing.

Brown has one book on the market, “Donnie Brown Weddings: from the Couture to the Cake” and is deep in the second which is a hysterical book of real wedding stories filled with
unbelievable nuptial occurrences that he has experienced over his life as a wedding guru. The book will feature his trademark bon mots and belly laughs and is a certain must-read. He is also compiling his list of proprietary recipes into a cookbook that is sure to be a hit as it will certainly
resonate with today’s entertaining set.

Also in development are several new television shows, which, like his hit Style shows, will draw on both his seasoned experience as a planner and his larger-than-life persona. Because, as the man who once dreamed of being a banker has learned, given enough time, life tends to lead you down the path where you most belong. And for Brown, that’s undoubtedly in front of the cameras. “I was made for this!” Brown says, laughing. “I have this internal switch that comes on all by itself when I get in front of a large group of people — and I just turn into this crazy personality!” For Donnie Brown, the road is only starting. There is plenty left to come. So keep your eye on him.

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