Donnie Lawrence

Donnie is deeply motivated to engage in great causes. He loves to mobilize others. He is an entrepreneur, a groundbreaker and strategist seeking to initiate collaborative work. Donnie is concerned that changes made today will lead to progress into the future. He is a questioner, freely disturbing the status quo and challenging individuals and organization to move in a different direction. Donnie influences others by truth-telling, even if it is contrary to the dominant way of thinking and practice. Yet his truth-telling is always seasoned and immersed in love, sensitivity, and integrity. He started Love of Distinction, Inc., an intercultural training and consulting firm, in November 2012.

Donnie has been active in intercultural training since 1997. His work with majority groups in the area of diversity advancement at several prominent higher education institutions, including Azusa Pacific University and Pepperdine University, have left enduring, culturally-relevant results in the areas of faith formation, enrollment management, leadership development, and student affairs.

Donnie holds a B.A, a M.Ed., and he is currently completing a Master of Theological Studies at Regent University.

  • Education
    • M.Ed.