Donny Bimantara

Surabaya, East Java

i am Donny Bimantara, software engineer by profession and a passionate technology web and application developer. I have done programs in ASP.Net, C, Java, Javascript, PHP, AppleScript, Pearl, Python, MySQL, PostGreSQL etc. I write for various IT magazines and online resources. An avid lover of web technologies and I speak about these at various events and conferences.

i was born a nymphetamine ... to them, i'm just a relic from the dark
that they want to erase ... then why should i continue to exist?

i thought about it, but couldn't find an answer ... but, one needs a reason to live ... otherwise, it's the same as being dead

i'm just a night person who lying here the room's pitch dark.

Ordinary widower with extra-ordinary life.
Simply me, moody, sanguin-melankolic, moody, easy going, and MOODY..

  • Work
    • software engineer
  • Education
    • Bandung Institute Technologi