Donny Rajaun

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 27th 1994. As a young child i remember my father taking me and my younger sister to the many venue's where my mother would perform. The prettiest voice i've ever heard and an astounding amount of beauty she had exactly what a star needed. I was blessed enough to get her singing traits and ever since then I knew i wanted to sing. That was back before 1999. This is 2012 and my dreams have only gotten bigger. Not only do I want to sing, i want to touch the souls of those that listen. Artist like Luther Vandross, Brian Mcknight, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson have all played a part in the becoming of the artist I am today. My two biggest inspirations are Usher Raymond and India Arie, because not only do they touch hearts with music, They are not afraid to be different. From India Arie Cutting off her hair and releasing "I am Not my Hair" to ushers transition from soley R&B to the leather pants, and Mohawk Pop star he is today. Those are the type of artists i look to for indirect guidance. and i dream to one day be to some aspiring artist what they are to me. I have written a Myriad of songs, some which I've released, (e.g. Radio Love, Full Throttle, YFG, and Lights Down Low) that are going to be on my coming mixtape "Young Fly and Gettin it" be on the lookout for that and much more.