Donny Winrick

Potholes in the Roads
The Beginning of the Story
Okay, here I am, my wife and I jumped into our F150 dually with a fifth wheel after hooking up our camper and drove off on the front leg of our trip out west to go camping in southern California, having lived there as a youngster, and camping with my parents. I like to return every so often to relive those memories. Our trip began in Madison, Wisconsin and it as going along swimmingly. That is until we reached the panhandle of northern Texas. There we discovered the roads were in need of repair. This was due to the winter storms that had brought heavy snow and freezing temperatures that caused the roads to expand and contract enough to develop potholes big enough to swallow a cow.
That might be a bit exaggerated, however you get my point, what happened next was as I was driving just under the speed limit, (65 mph), and I hit one. It was unavoidable because I was driving on a two-lane road with oncoming traffic, and the placement of the pothole made it impossible to miss.
The Consequence
The damage my trailer experienced I wouldn’t wish on anybody. What happened was one of the leaf springs broke resulting in the axle separating from the frame of the vehicle. The whole rig was dead in the water, so to speak, in the middle of the road. Once the wrecker showed up, we had to strap the axle to the frame of the trailer just to move it off the road and out of traffic. Well a few thousand dollars, and a few days in a local hotel later, we were back on our way to our destination. However, the roads did not get any better or worse, for that matter. conditions, which over time tend to escalate the emergence of potholes year after year.
The only thing we can do about this phenomenon is to deal with it and learn to have a higher awareness of the existence of potholes. They are a clear and present danger to everybody’s pocketbook, through either paying higher taxes or replacing a damaged wheel and tire after an encounter with one. Although some states, because of their local annual weather, do not suffer from such adversity. This makes camping in southern California that much more enjoyable. It is the trip getting there that carries the danger from potholes and any other road hazard one might imagine. For some awesome information on