Donnye Collins Sr.

Donnye Collins Sr. is known throughout the country as the "Bible Millionaire". He has an uncanny ability to connect biblical principles to essential business practices. Those that implement these principles begin to realize the prosperity that God has promised. He is a published author and requested speaker. His book, "Attack Your Giants" based on the story of David and Goliath, has touched lives from the corporate office to the prison, from the single mother to the financially strapped father. Donnye's storytelling brings the realities of life to the forefront while weaving in biblical principles and spiritual advice. His most recent publication is an eBook, "The Unemployment Myth". Available on the web, it is exposing the "truth" about unemployment and why in today's digital era, one does not have to settle for what society has defined as "Unemployment".

Donnye is the father of two wonderful children and three super talented grandchildren.