Donovan Vogel

Financial Advising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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In May of 2015 I graduated from Washington & Jefferson College with a B.A. in economics and a minor in business administration. From there I dove directly into the financial services sector. As a twenty-three year old with barely any business credibility and limited working experience I'm aware that it's challenging to connect and serve other individuals wants and needs. What's unique and compelling about all of this is that I think differently than my competition when it comes to value propositions and business ideas that work and let me tell you why that's important to you. My core story, strategy and talents have always aligned with providing truthful and honest advice when it comes to financial planning, the insurance and investment process, and intellectual capital. By this point you're probably asking yourself and wondering so why me? My background as both a rugby player and a financial services professional at Mass Mutual brings me unique value when it comes to sitting down with and speaking to individuals and young families across different states. As a servant leader and connector I understand that having an in depth conversation about personal finances can be challenging. However, so can not having a discussion. Success in sports and in life has always been about executing and implementing a plan in critical moments. Allow me to be of service and provide you with the right help by paying attention to your wants and financial needs. Moreover, when I'm not immersed in my work or studies I enjoy reading, traveling, working out, watching rugby and baseball, listening to music & audios, and meeting new people. I hope you enjoyed my brief snapshot. Please contact me for further information and for longer discussions. Have a great day!

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