Donovan Craig

As a young boy, I was attracted to foreign languages and to people who spoke them. We spent some summer vacations in Ensenada, Mexico and about the only kids to play with were the local kids. I picked up Spanish quickly and continued to study it in Jr. High and High School. Once I was in community college, I studied Mandarin and took familiarization courses in Shanghai and Cantonese. In the Army, I was assigned to the Army Security Agency where I became a radio traffic analyst and crypto-analyst. I was sent to Germany and there picked up German. I later studied German in college and the university. I've studied Dutch (my grand parents' language), Italian, and am currently attempting Kaqchikel, a Maya language.

I am facinated with Maya writing and have spent the past 10 years working with others to decipher scripts. This has taken me to more than 40 Maya archeological sites, many museums, and several universities where they specialize in Maya peoples, cultures, and languages.