Donovan E. Mann

Donovan is a six-year student of Uplift Hampton Preparatory School in Dallas. This high school junior is no stranger to hard work. His steady 3.5 GPA and mixed course load of Advanced Placement classes, robotics, engineering and Spanish testify to his academic prowess. Along with his academic endeavors, he has also accumulated nearly 200 volunteer hours working in his community.

Donovan's drive continues to motivate him outside the classroom as an athlete in basketball and golf, student council member, and church youth group member. He believes that his life has purpose and should be full of meaningful experiences and service to his community.

Donovan has received extensive recognition throughout his academic career including the National Who’s of Who Among Students, National Young Scholar (Eagle Status), and Junior National Young Leader.

He is focused on attending a Division 1 school to pursue a collegiate basketball career and earn both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Biomedical or Mechanical Engineering.

Through his life's challenges and personal experiences, Donovan has developed a passion for issues dealing with teenage bullying and suicide.

Donovan believes that a trip in 2012 to Machu Picchu, Peru changed his life. “Peru was just a great experience. It really helped me to see how people in other countries live and gave me a better perspective on what I have. It showed me how blessed I am... along with a little history lesson as well!”

Donovan Mann is a native Hoosier from Indianapolis, Indiana and currently lives in downtown Dallas with his mom, Dawn.