Donovan Roudabush

Donovan Roudabush has always seemed a bit off-key from other teenagers. Maybe it's his affinity for British Literature or take-no-prisoners sarcasm. From the day Donovan was able to walk, his talent was obvious - Technology. He began with a fascination with buttons - resulting in the pressing of the emergency shutdown at his father's work - then he took off with a gift of a IBM ThinkPad and Learning Perl in 5th Grade. After writing a few lines of code, saving as and running, he learned he could turn applied logic into static applications. Ever since then, he's yearned the future of Software Developer. Writing command-line scripts evolved into various solutions - Raspberry Pi hacks, Web Development and API tinkering. In middle school, he went on to participate in a highly successful weather balloon project, which collected data using a Raspberry Pi. As he currently stands, in high school, he