Donovan Smith

As you review my "CARFACTS", you may need to Fasten your seat belt, because you are about to encounter a detailed history report that will highlight my titles, Motor-VATORs and mileage driven that formulated my professional experiences.

Warning!!! Objects such as my Passion and Purpose may appear closer than they are in the side view mirror... Proceed with caution!!!

My Passion is to make a Difference and my Purpose is to create Value. This has always been the differentiating drivers that have set me apart from my peers. I am very passionate about the mindset of entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship, educational theory and best practices, analyzing data, and problem-solving.

The yellow lights of today's workforces have created uncertainty, and it has challenged Human Resource departments to re-evaluate their hiring practices. Now that you have stopped at a red light and I have your attention, the above domains have been tested and certified by the "Department of Motivation" and I have received the following endorsements for my ability to Maneuver and Create new lanes that have been proven to Foster new opportunities and my endurance to Strengthen relationships beyond the finish lines.

If you would like to maximize on my domains and to get your maximum ROI, you will need to place Me in the right driver seat and I will Show you and your team a brand new dashboard aligned to Passion and Purpose, with the expected results of Creating Value within your organization!

Passion and Purpose makes the difference!!!


Michael A. Walrond Jr., Jullien Gordon, Tony James, Cellie Cohen, Nick Vujicic, Claudia Sampson, FCBC and MLT.