Don Poole

Tampa Florida

When you’re with Don, President of Ron Rose Productions, you feel like the #1 priority – the only priority – his best friend – and possibly even his favorite second cousin. Heck, when you’re with Don, you are family. Being a genuinely nice guy that really cares . . . well, it’s a dirty job. But, you won’t find a single person more qualified or better suited for it than Don Poole. (I’m speaking from experience. I am actually a client that is writing this for him! Why? Because he is out-and-about, most definitely talking on the phone and making people smile.) There is sort of a running joke that Don’s cell phones really are more like the Don Radio show. Worn proudly and pronounced around his neck, his cell phones live happily and contently, creating a 24/7 musical symphony of constant buzzing and funky ring tones. One minute, he’s talking with his 17-year-old son, future film-maker extraordinaire; then he may start texting his three favorite dry-cleaners – yes, he has three; and within a couple of moments is in serious creative mode with a client or fellow musician. Even though Don is constantly running at the speed of light, when it comes to personal attention and dedication, you’d think he was deep into retirement on the Bahamas sipping a sensational Margarita with all the time in the world. “Don makes time for everyone.” A South Tampa native, born and raised as a classically-trained concert pianist with his twin brother who now works in Los Angeles at DreamWorks, Don was destined to bring real creativity, excitement and tempo to the Tampa Bay area. A couple of other critical things to note: he’s comfortable with the color pink; has over 40 pairs of shoes, all sneakers mind you; drives the Silver Bullet, a very old shag carpet van that he prefers driving over his Mercedes; owns a sprawling piece of property in the tucked-away town of Odessa; composes music at 2am for fun; and favorite hobby?! Well, you guessed it, living life and meeting new people. All-in-all, Don is the adhesive, the caulk, the duct-tape, whatever is handy, that keeps the company cohesive, forward, fresh and creative. When you work with Ron Rose Productions, you’ll work with the consummate professional and audio and video production expert (you’ll just have more fun than you expected.)