DonaldRay Bernard

United States

The president of a notable firm based in Texas, Donald Ray Bernard is a very well-known personality. He is currently involved with certain international ventures related to the enterprise. These ventures have received a good amount of revenues as well. The Estancia Laguna Verde which is located in the southern Patagonia region and the golden stag safaris which is located in La Pampa are under him. He is the co-owner of both these enterprises. Golden Stag is basically a ranch which is extremely popular among sport enthusiasts all over the world. These sport enthusiasts come to this place to hunt for trophy animals of the top quality.

If you are looking for the most perfect rainbow trout fish, Estancia Laguna Verde is the perfect place for you. It has a fishing lounge which is perfectly located on the Jurassic lake and so most site visitors come here to fly fish for this water creature. The Buenos Aires Market sells top quality trout which is also smoked here. The Enterprises which are Co-owned by Donald, are both very aligned with his personal hobbies or traits that interest him. Some of the activities that have always been of his major interest are hunting, fly fishing, rafting, downhill and Nordic Skating.

Donald R Bernard belongs to Whitehall, Montana. Hunters from all over the world come to the Golden Stag safaris to hunt for many wild games such as red deer, wild bear, pigeon, water buffalo, dove and many more. His policy management is also very efficient. The company also offers the best accommodation at its luxury lodge, or you can also choose to stay in the two bedroom cabins which also have a private bath. The company that sells the trout to Buenos Aires also plans to expand to North American and European markets too in the near future.

  • Work
    • Co - Owner
  • Education
    • University of Texas