What's the problem?

United Kingdom, London

Yes! They do.

As an example, there are several posters in hallways at City University London, which also can be seen on few London Buses (not sure if they've removed or not) that say , quote:

"Some People are gay. Get over it."

Now, you might think these posters to promote equality so that everyone, regardless sexual orientation can be treated same, but you are wrong. Let's open the brackets , posting such posters, especially in universities, does what?

I am a student, does not matter gay or not, I am reading that sign which automatically assumes that I should "get over gay people". What is this then? I say, this is promoting done by that charity - Stonewall. Money. Simple as that. Advertising Gay communities by this charity. But why? Why advertise it?

Most people in EU and UK do not mind gays (their existance). Survey by BBC says, in Britain about 82 % are neutral to gay/lesbian people, others are probably "church people".

I am straight, and I also don't mind gay people, most of my friends, probably all of them too, in fact I have few people I know who are gay and this does not make me uncomfortable while I communicate with them. Just say that you are not gay (if you are not) and they will not bother you in sexual way or other relations that they seek. I am straight , so what, I should make "straight" posters to promote male+female marriages/or other rights? No , we (straight people) don't do that, and you - gay promoters, do that which creates INEQUALITY (think about this and you'll get why).

My point is. We don't need posters! I ripped off previous ones that you put on walls at City University and I will keep on doing it. These do not help any way. Just pisses off everyone including gays. It is same thing if poster says this.

"Some people are from [enter a country name]. Get over it"

Will you like it if here is your country name?

this creates more aggression between those who are ANTI and those who are PRO gay activity. In fact, at the end of March new bill will be activated allowing gay people marry.

Let these people live their lives ! Leave gays alone, they are not discriminated (at least in UK).


This will affect children and their mind.

by Anonymou5