Dontae Hawkins


My Name Dontae Hawkins, I was born & raised in Staten Island, NY I've wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 8years old. During high school I shot & edited music videos for local talented artists. After graduating from LIU Post with a BFA in Film, I still actively write, produce, direct & edit my own films independently to submit to various film festivals. Filmmaking to me Is one of the ultimate forms of artistic expression. Being able to conceptualize something that was once in your imagination into something that becomes real, and can be shared with people is amazing. So far I've done two documentaries & two dramatic shorts. With each project I complete, I learn, I grow & I progress further. I'm very proud of my work and I believe by continuing to follow my dreams I will achieve success.

  • Work
    • Apple Retail
  • Education
    • Long Island University