Don Teolis

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In the past few years, Don Teolis has created three new business ventures that stem from concepts he finds most important in life: love of family, Italy, and music. During an extended stint as an English language instructor in Tuscany, Don Teolis partnered with three friends from Florence to create a music production company entitled Nuovogiorno, Italian for “New Day.” The company provides a showcase for talented European-based musicians and songwriters, connecting the artists with producers, recording studios, and publishers. The project allows Teolis to spend time in Italy while working with close friends to advance the careers of some of Italy’s most talented musicians.

One of Don Teolis’ most ambitious creative projects is Queue, a comprehensive medical certification program now integrated into programs at several colleges and universities. Queue, which covers medical assisting, health records management, and pharmacy studies, utilizes an innovative curriculum in the classroom, preparing students for exams that allow them to secure work in their chosen field. The comprehensive program, which is considerably less expensive than regular tuition, also provides qualified ex-offenders and handicapped individuals with an opportunity to become certified in the medical field.

An affinity for gourmet food and fine wine leads Don Teolis to share his knowledge of Italian food by offering tours through Southern Italy. The epicurean tours introduce travelers to some of the best fare in the country, while providing an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Italy. The first series of tours introduced travelers to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.

As the father of an autistic child, Don Teolis holds a special interest in children and parents dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders. He has established an organization called Autismatic (, which showcases informative and inspirational books like “Be Strong, Be Tough, Be Smart” and features various articles and information on Autism. Don Teolis’ goal is to boost awareness, while encouraging families to realize the profound impact they can have on the development and ultimate success of their loved one.