Donte Stewart Arrow Passage Recovery

Founder President of Arrow Passage Recovery in Massillon, Ohio

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Donte Stewart, Arrow Passage Recovery Founder & President, is a mental health awareness advocate who strives to better the lives of others. Aiming to uplift and empower his community, Stewart has worked tirelessly to truly make a difference. Although he is perhaps best known as the Founder and President of Arrow Passage Recovery, there is so much more to Stewart’s lifelong commitment to mentorship and an unwavering sense of camaraderie He has become widely recognized and respected for making his voice heard and echoing the causes and concerns that matter to his community.

Outside of his work with Arrow Passage Recovery, Donte Stewart has been a guest on numerous Voice America episodes. On the Shattering The Stigma podcast, Donte has discussed a wide scope of stories relevant to recovery. In all of his projects, he strives to mentor and empower those who are currently struggling with their own mental health battles. Donte’s goal is to show others that they are not alone and to help guide them on their journey.