Dontishia McClatchey

Dontishia McClatchey

Hello, my name is Dontishia McClatchey. I was born November 5, 1993 in Albany,GA. I am the middle child of 15 kids. That's alot right? I graduated with the class of 2012 from Thomasville High School.

I am currently a Sophomore soon to be Junior here at Vsu. I am majoring in Philosophy with a Religious Studies track. I am also minoring in Environmental Studies. I plan to travel the world once i graduate and impact the lives of the people i come across. I absolutely love meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

I am VERY big on family! i love my family and they are very supportive of me and the decisions that i make. God blessed me a mother and two fathers whom I am very thankful for. Unfortunately i lost my biggest supporters. Both my biological father and step father have passed away due to lung cancer. I lost my father in June 18, 2011 and my step father July 11, 2014. I am a strong believer in God so i know that i will be reunited with them soon.

Did i mention that I am a SpongeBob Maniac? I might be a tad bit obsessed with him. I just may even have a collection of his stuff in my room. Everyone has a little kid still left in them right?

A quote that i like to live by came from the amazing and intelligent Mohandas Gandhi. "A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes." With that being said I was try to make every situation a positive one!

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    • Office Depot
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    • Thomasville High School
    • Valdosta State University