Hi my names ollie but you can also call me by my kin names! I use they/it pronouns. I post mainly art and also just a lot of personal garble. My triggers are emetophobia, irl gore, and scopophobia.

My Fandoms are steven universe, earthbound, love live, digimon, splatoon, warrior cats, undertale, pokemon, and sonic!

My kins (pls tag me if we're mutuals!) Peridot (steven universe), Ken (digimon), cream (sonic), Mothwing (warriors), Napstablook (undertale) (I'm all right with duplicates just double check with me pls!)

Otherkin: robokin, catkin, spacekin

Pokekin: auros, solosis, porygon, celebi, magnemite

I'm a mentally ill minor, and don't really feel comfy with anyone over the age of 20 following me,, I think that's everything?? Thank you for reading!