Leila Don't SpeakWhinese

Leila’s, aka The Ninja, outlook on life is simple: Love it, live it, laugh at it and ninja kick anything in your way to happiness! Her confident exterior, sarcastic dialog, sailor mouth and quick wit are sprinkled with a humble, thoughtful and appreciative nature. Leila, creator and blog author of Don’t Speak Whinese, is a freelance Writer, Project Manager and Small Business Development Consultant with a strong emphasis on Social Media Consulting and Website Content writing with SEO… basically, she makes things on the interwebz kick a lot of booty. Leila has taken everything she has known about business, life, traveling and social media, melted it down and created something of her own. Her Social Media Marketing outlook and strategies are similar to what is being done but in a mold of her own that creates success. She is always looking for unique and innovative ways to work with brands on an authentic level and integrating it with an adventure of her own.