Kim Mills

40-something mom of two grown kids, a son & a daughter who I'm very proud of. My greatest accomplishment! Bit of a rebel & always young at heart, no matter how long I live! Small town girl who is in love with the city...NYC & London to be exact. Even though I've never been to either one nearly enough! I have always loved beauty & fashion & when I was younger would read alll the fashion mags religiously. Still do when I can! (Even though I'm most ME in skinny jeans and a tee!) I even thought of trying to get into modeling but was discouraged by my height (5'6"). Still, I should have there you have one of my life lessons...ALWAYS try if it's something you really want! My other dream job would be to be a stylist! Other loves: books, art, music--all kinds but my fave is alternative rock. Beatles & Kings of Leon top bands!! I guess that's enough...oh, I forgot to mention I also have a thing for sweet English in particular, who won't be mentioned... ;)