Donato Vytiaco

Consultant, Writer, and Small Business Owner in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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A cognitively complex warrior of words, soldier of syntax, pugilist of prose – interminably on the bleeding edge of technology; a creative cursed with a cacophony of countless curiosities: Donato R. Vytiaco is a writer - not even a good one at that - and also a multimedia creator, a mediocre one at best.

Keeping up with Don Vytiaco's diverse interests in technology, computing, post-production, broadcasting, animation, VR, graphic design, programming, web development, app development, cinema, videography, photography, and fitness can be a rather harrowing experience. Especially for his brain. The pandemic made it even worse, if that is even possible.

A self-proclaimed Mac evangelist, "donvy" occasionally writes about Apple's latest additions to our gadget-lust er... list. He is the author of several notebooks which have yet to be organized into some way, shape, or form, that hopefully someday during his lifetime preferably, might closely resemble a literary work deemed fit to publish and with luck, consumed by like-minded students of life, and its byproduct: death.

His most popular essay has been “Burol,” the Pilipino word for a wake available on his Medium account. Originally started as an exercise during one of Jessica Zafra’s writing workshops, this work is widely considered to be at the forefront of mediocrity as far as dark comedies go, and has gone on to become largely unnoticed within the writing community.

When he’s not writing, he spends his time reminiscing about the cat who adopted him over the Covid years. He named the cat, Cat - the cat preferred Stevens. So Cat Stevens it was, they were both sure Yusuf wouldn't mind. All his life has been spent in the urban sprawl that is Makati, right on the edge… of sanity, and of the city limits.

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    • Freelance Independent Creator
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    • University of the Philippines Diliman