Waseem Donzai

Karachi, Pakistan

My name is Donzai, and I'm a Tech guy. I'm a hard worker, motivated and a self-made person. I'm born in the computer's world, and the planet where I live is the planet Creativity. I always try to do something new in life and try to accomplish my aims/mission at the right path. I love Music and Art, because these are the objects of my main subject: Creativity. I love to appreciate people and their talent, and I don't like those people who underestimate others. Because, "some things can't speak, but, they can show." I'm kind hearted and cool guy sometimes I become angry, but I always have a reason about being angry. I love to play soccer, and I'm a big fan of it. Things which motivate me a lot in my life are: Computer, Gadgets, Art, Creativity, Talent, Soccer, Music, Tech, Humanity, Inspiration, Respect, Friends and Famliy. I'm a Social Activist, Social Media Expert and a Gadgets Expert .
I'm a CyberGeek.

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    • Content Manager