donald glenn zellmer

♫♪ będziesz miłował Boga całym sercem swoim a bliżnego swego tak jak siebie samego...♫♪♫

I hitchhiked alone from Chicago to Los Angeles in less than 3 days. I rode my bike from Vienna to Salzburg. I went to the emergency room in Copenhagen in 1974. I went to "Love Ins" in the 60's with my Mom. I saw the first gymnast score a perfect 10 in gymnastics at the Montreal Olympics. I bailed a close buddy out of a Mexican prison for only 10 dollars. I milked a cow. I walked up the stairs inside of the Washington Monument. My fifth grade teacher impeached me as class president. I have always weighed around 150 lbs. I ate a live fish, opened a bottle with my teeth, and tore a telephone book in half. I did a handstand on the railing of a bridge. I worked in the Pentagon. I ran three marathons in three European capitals in one year. I took an upper division entymology class my last year in college: Spider Behavior. I saw the Beatles live in concert. I got shot at in the hills outside of Tehran. I could hear my heart beat when I spent the night alone on top of Mount Lassen. I had a tumor the size of a golfball taken out of my neck when I was 5 years old. I learned Polish living in Krakow. I learned Russian living in Moscow. I learned German living in Vienna. I bought a glass eye in a pharmacy store in Romania. I swam in the Mediterranean Sea. I wrestled a Mongolian in Ulan Batar. I was an altar boy. I always wanted to grow up and be Tarzan ... until I realized someone had to hang up all those ropes in the jungles. I touched the canvas of a Rembrandt painting in St. Petersburg. I got taken off a train and strip searched in the former Czechoslovakia. I was robbed in Zurich. I ate dog biscuits during the summer of 1974. I misplace my wallet, keys, reading classes and wrist watch all the time. I always played catcher in little league. I am a little bit crazy. Kocham moją zonę, Dankę, i moich dzieci - Eryka, Marka i Darię!