Don Zeta

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Hi, I'm Martin, but most people call me Zeta.

I decided to create don Zeta to carry on with projects of Visual Communication, along with a group of professionals. With this way of thinking -and making- we reach all together to a fresh and new solution that enhances its value.
I like to investigate, question and re-think the stablished to come up with an unespected way of seeing things.
As projects come and go, I am able to share with a great amount of people with different backgrounds and that's what provides a new something to think about and usually a lesson too.
Within this 10 years I worked for renowned Agencies and very important brands, national and international.
I'm a graphic designer. I've studied at UBA, Buenos Aires University and when I finished I continued my studies at Escuela Superior de Diseño.
I was also lucky to work as an Art Director for important advertising agencies, work as a teacher for the university I studied in and currently being a teacher at UP (Palermo University)