Doodle Dan D

Artist in Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I'm not a BOT, call me Dan & thanks for reading my If you read the sign: New acct. NO FOLLOWERS. No friends-no family-no strangers-NONE. Why? Honestly, I'm really antisocial, batshit crazy and have no biz being on social media. But, since I am, like arts and crafts class, I want my good tweets supported and my shitty tweets to die their ignominious deaths-NOT be propped up by any dutiful supplication. The cream rises to the surface or it sours at the bottom. No followers ensures for me my every tweet will live and die by its own merits and be an independent adventure with no built in imaginary cavalry of biased support & rescue. The Verified host tweets (Starting line) and the race with replies is ON (BANG!- Start running)! WAY MORE FUN. Whether I keep or delete a tweet reply is determined by many factors. It's like fishing. Just as I'm very selective of big fish I follow, I'm equally so which of my tweets are keepers or catch-release. I love the engine process of Twitter under the hood more than the social aspect. It would be bullshit to tell you I'm completely indifferent to outcome, but praise and criticism are 2 edges of the same sword. But the game is fun. If I liked something of yours or you liked something of mine thank you so very much I sincerely APPRECIATE YOU. If you see another of my tweets and πŸ‘ it, thank you NOW in advance. Just pls DON'T FOLLOW ME. I understand you aren't the 1 πŸ‘er deadwood who follows on a single tweet and I never hear from again and before I know it I'm infested with 5000 CRICKETS and everyone is impressed with my 5016 follower count which just brings another 5009 crickets and meanwhile 98.999% of my approbation still comes from NON-followers. Been there, done that- NO THANKS. (This isn't my first rodeo.) I know you aren't one of those, but still pls DON'T FOLLOW. I'm really enjoying the liberation that I can tweet and delete to my ❀ desire without followers. There's daily cleansing (not 🚫) of tweeps who don't read this page. BOTS 🚫 daily. So, see you on the playing field of Twitter vying for attention right alongside me while staying safe from Coronavirus! Good LUCK, and best wishes to you!