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Hi, I’m Dan!

Thank you for your interest in the monument to the 1st years (2009-2021) of the Cryptocurrency Era!

Q. Why am I building a monument to the first years of the Crypto Era?

A. Because BTC is the greatest oppty for building wealth in history and deserves an AWE inspiring mnmt to capture the imaginations of the masses.

The Gold Rush Era has the Marshall Monument, the Old West has the Pioneer Monument, & The USA has the Statue of Liberty, so shouldn't we Cryptos have one too- YES?

Now we do- It's called The Cryptodel!

Posterity SHOULD have a monument to honor Crypto's Beginning!

A mathematician told me my idea, like any new idea, was Quixotic until 100 people bought into it & then not quite so. He also said that I would pitch it to 2000 people before I sold 100 & he was right! Like a Bitcoin miner- but it took me 6 weeks to find 100th key to validate!

Just know that, even if the cavalry should appear and sponsor this monument (Needs Capital!), only an ownership of a "Satoshi Is Here" makes the monument go up.

What is a "Satoshi Is Here"? You'll find out when you meet the monument in just a moment.

Before you go though, know that, for project validity & transparency, & future documentary, not a single "Satoshi Is Here" was sold to any friend, associate or family member. 100% complete strangers & in person- no internet!

The plans for this virtual monument are ambitious. (This is a 2-3 year project until it's a wrap, & the Monument sealed & belongs to History forever-so have patience!) If nothing else, taking part in its construction will be a fun diversion from the ups & downs of the everyday Crypto World. You'll also own a "Satoshi Is Here" at a great price. It may even increase in value. For the 1st 100, it has already risen 100%!

This will be Crypto's version of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory so make sure you get your golden ticket!

To learn how to get involved, just click on the button above.

With the holidays coming, it's a great gift to treat yourself or your crypto loved one, who already has everything (YOU!), to ownership in the monument you helped fund.

I prefer crypto, but accept fiat for our HODL community.

The only promise I make is this will be the best ownership of an original artwork at this price you'll ever have.

So far, I have 120 people who believe in this & I'm doing everything I can not to let them down.

Thank you for your support, and by clicking on the button above, you will meet The Cryptodel!

I love this project!"
Tim Draper
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