Hans Lewis

Remember the doodles you used to scribble on your notebooks and journals during a boring lecture. What if they spoke back to you? Well, me being an excessive doodler, one fine boring day they did speak to me… Doodletalk is a new kind of comicstrip or DoodleStrip based on doodles speaking back to the creator who is actually a student bored of his lecture. The doodles ask questions of all kinds, from their Purpose and Origins and also on the Creator’s different moods and the various topics he is learning in class.

Fun Fact (if you aren’t tired of reading Already ?!?!) I have been doodling since the tender age of four itself when I first held a drawing apparatus in my hand (’a crayon’ that is). And in my first grade my mother was called aside at ‘Open House’ (when parents meet up with the teachers to see the progress of the child) and shown a drawing of mine, which was the rear side of a man (an inverted B) answering the call of nature. Well.. the teachers and my parents had a hearty laugh and that drawing was on the fridge door for quite some time until my grades and report cards showed up and it wasn’t funny anymore. I continued my art on urinal walls, etched on trees, in textbooks, newspapers, magazines, the costly encyclopedias, even on the bible and my father’s scientific journals (which wasn’t well appreciated but it did make me excellent in hiding to avoid Mr. Cane). Never the less, my father always encouraged me in these ‘Outer’ curricular activities. Again, my mother was called, in my first year of college as I had with the freedom of a ‘uniform- less’ life and the age of puberty, sketched a naked girl in my science journal, and got caught. My mother was devastated and angry and she shouted…..at the Headmaster for wasting her time and calling her all the way to see her son’s art. At that moment I was so proud to call myself her son. That’s the story how I got a clean chit….to doodle and scribble on it.