Kevin "Doogie" Lee

Lake Alfred, FL

I am 36 years old, I started racing PWC’s in 1997, did that on and off til 2008, I mainly raced Sport class, but I got into 1200 RA in 06 and won a few races and the Region 7 overall. I was ranked nationally in the top 10 for both classes my last 2 years.

Due to my work cutting way back on our hours, I wasnt able to continue racing skis, and ended up at a hobby store that had a small track one night with an old jet ski buddy, he was racing RC Short Course trucks with his son, I used to play with RC’s when I was younger so I gave it another shot, it was cheaper and easier on my body than skis…

Since that night i’ve been racing RC nearly every weekend, and even some week nights all over FL and even GA.

I also took all my RC stuff with me when I went out west for 6 weeks for work and raced at Fear Farm, in Phoenix, AZ and Pegasus Hobbies and Revelation Hobbies in Ontario, CA.

I’ve made a ton of new friends, and even got a new job through racing.

  • Work
    • IATSE 835, GES Expo Servics