doondoo .com


Doondoo is your guide to spend money wisely. Knowing everything about the product or service you want before actually spending money on it would be everyone's dream, and Doondoo makes that dream a reality.

Users can get to know all the promotions, offers and deals their favourite brands come up with. They can also review a product so as to help fellow users make their mind up when they are confused on what to buy or where to go.

Users can add photos onto the site for the different brands. They can also review a certain product or some service that the company provides. The users are awarded with badges for their activities on the site. We realize the value of every Good Samaritan and we will ensure that your deeds are not in vain.

All the companies are given an equal platform where they can showcase their products or services, and also keep a close eye on the customer's activities to help increase their business. Doondoo is essentially the fairytaled 'Mirror on the Wall' out on the World Wide Web.