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The Doorman 24 solution by Visentry is a cost effective “Turn-key” solution for residential and commercial buildings that do not have a doorman on premises to open the front door and accept deliveries. The Doorman 24 service is implemented via the use of video and audio over the internet and a connection to the Doorman24 Central Station. An Intercom with a built-in Camera is installed at the front door and a Doorman24 agent responds when the call button is pressed by delivery personnel. After identification the agent opens the door remotely and allows the delivery person to enter the building and deposit the packages at the designated drop area. The agent sends e-mail or text message notifications to tenants that a package has been received.

Doorman24 is a service provided by Visentry LLC and is a result of 12 years of experience in remote video and audio monitoring. Visentry LLC was founded 12 years ago by experienced security professionals to address the needs of businesses for cost-effective services for perimeter, asset, data and critical infrastructure protection. Visentry introduced a unique and groundbreaking service, named Virtual Sentry, which delivers around-the-clock, real time remote video and audio monitoring service. Virtual Sentry integrates “intelligent” video and audio technology with the most comprehensive central monitoring station. The Central Monitoring Station is owned and operated by Visentry. Based on its experience with Virtual Sentry which is presently installed at hundreds of customers, Visentry developed Doorman24 to provide an affordable and technologically advanced solution for remote access services for residential and commercial buildings.

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