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From the beginning, high-school teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) can be a single mother whois mulling over whether she should get back together with her cheating ex husband Garrett (John Corbett). Enter Noah, (Ryan Guzman) a peaceful teenager whois helpful at home and gives his neighbour some necessary assistance along with her troubled child Kevin (Ian Nelson).

Of shooting The Boy-Next-Door, the 1st morning was surreal. I was like consider I’m working together with Jennifer Lopez.’ therefore I could possibly be skilled, But next, any thoughts I'd being a celebrity had to go out the screen. My character toys together with her feelings throughout the video plus it becomes incredibly strong. When I was 13 I dropped my grandmother to cancer. It’s impacted I’ll and my life do everything I - can to back cancer study. I try to not be unhealthy as you can, but person I-do have a true special a fool to get a Snickers,” Ryan advised the mag.