The dooup is the best gadget to have on hand to keep your garden clear and clean, ready for that fabulous egg hunt where the children will be even more thorough when exploring the garden. Waste and residue waste left behind can remain active in soil for up to three years, so if dogs frequently toilet in the garden, this is a time for you to advise children to refrain from putting their hands anywhere near their face until they have washed them thoroughly after the hunt.

If the dooup had been around previously, perhaps these warnings would not need be so severe, after all, it's so much more than a pooper scooper; it clears, sprays, stores and seals the waste away. With each collection, the affected area is sprayed with garden, animal and child friendly sanitising fluid to prevent the spread of the bacteria - and all with a simple push!

Besides good nutrition and exercise, which are good for the dog, it is also important to give your dog a clean environment. This means cleaning after your dog, collecting his waste/poop or however you wish to call it. Especially important should it be to people who keep their dogs outside and want to maintain the beauty of their garden. Giving your dog a clean environment is important to his health. Poop contains a lot of bacteria that spreads different diseases. As you flush after you do your big thing in toilet, it is the same importance to clean after your dog, when his done his thing.

We offer a simple product for homeowners, who keep their dogs outside or for people making sure our local parks/gardens are ready for picnics, sunbathing or having relaxing meditation. Dooup Usa is easy to use, lightweight and you do not have to collect the poop using directly your hands. This means it is safe to use by children, older people, pregnant women etz. Although it sprays bacteria killing fluid it is healthy to use and bags inside the collector are biodegradable. Cleaning after your dog is caring and keeping public places clean from dog poop is considering other people needs to use the places. So if you care and comfort is important to you get yourself a Dooup- one push poop scoop that could last forever.