David Yang

Project Manager, engineer, and Small Business Owner in Qingdao, 山东省中国

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Qingdao Doowin Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer of underwater lift bags, marine salvage bags, water-filled water weight bags, pipeline buoyancy bags, lifeboat and davit load test water weights, water and fuel bladder tanks, and other inflatable buoyancy units.

DOOWIN underwater lift bags include parachute type underwater air lift bags and totally enclosed type air lifting bags. The sealed type air lifting bags include cylindrical shape enclosed air lift bags, pillow type flotation bags, elongated float bags salvage tube, individual buoyancy bags, mono buoyancy units, and twin boom pipe floats. These underwater lift bags can be used for marine salvage, pipeline laying work, diving work, buoyancy support.

Our water filled proof bags include crane test water weight bags, low headroom load test water bags, deck load test water weights, lifeboat load test water bags, davit load test weights, and gangway water bags test weights.

DOOWIN liquid bladder tanks include pillow type potable water tank, bulk water storage bladder tanks, fuel bladder, rainwater tanks, agricultural water tank, gray water pillow tanks, water storage bladder tanks, drinking water bladder tanks, flexitanks, conservator bladders and other special design flexible tank bladders.

We also make the lower pressure inflatable boat fenders used for the small boats and yachts. Marker buoys used for the sailing racing. DOOWIN inflatable pipe plugs are flow stoppers for temporary close off or seal an opening. Our inflatable pipe plug/stoppers are very suitable for use in pipeline, ducts, and tunnels with construction, inspection, repairs, cleaning, and repair.

DOOWIN commits to high-quality products with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. DOOWIN's products passed rigorous ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System. All underwater air lift bags are manufactured in line with IMCA D016 Rev3 Standard. All of our products are BV, SGS, and CCS certified.