Dope Dinners Boston

Chef in Boston, Massachusetts

Try my food

This husband and wife team provides private, 420 friendly in-home dinner parties unlike any other. A chef and an event planner, the couple brings to life high-end luxury dining experiences with special touches custom designed for your group.

How does it work? After working with you to creat your custom menu, this dope couple shows up, sets the table, turns on the music, serves you and your crew a dope meal featuring local seasonal ingredients, and leaves you in an elevated bliss (with a clean kitchen!).

Sounds DOPE right? It is!

Perfect for a special birthday dinner or any special occasion. All you need is a minimum 6 people and a spot to host and we take care of the rest. Prices range depending on menu, venue, location, and number of guests.

Follow us @dopedinnersboston to check out our work. Or email with questions about your next private Dope Dinner:

Life is short.