DopeLyrics NewSwaqqEra

Whats up my name is KidLucky and really the purpose of this page is about this rap thing i got going on , its a group called DopeLyrics NewSwaqqEra - the max amount of memebrs is 4 to 5 and were bout to work on the #Dope mixtape called L.I.F.E Living Incredibly Free existense, so be on the look out and support us , just made a new website go check it out were still editing it @ so FUOT(FOLLOW US ON TWITTER) @DopeLyricz_ we will be making single tracks but looking for people with beats and a new recording studio because we had one but left do to moving around so its working out so far, D.L.N.S.E(DopeLyrics NewSwaqqEra is a rap group but its aslo like family and we do alot like its awesome the main rapper/founder/crew leader is Me KidLucky FMOT @DopeLyricz_ , so keep us in mind we will be coming with some stuff soon were on the come up.I am a real dope rapper and cool and funny to hang around and nice and got alot of money and love to chill with the crew and hang around and have fun, we go shopping , skating,rap,cypher rapping, and the whole 9yards but thanks for visiting page.