About my blog

About my blog

The dream beyond the Dream!!

There comes a time in life when it appears that all possible goals have been achieved…. There would seem to be no further challenge. Still at times, I am driven by an insecurity into the mist that shrouds potential. There is an inner force that makes me seek even deeper satisfactions than I have experienced – a process of ultimate self discovery.

“.”It’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe and not explore at all”---A.E. Hotchner [ Sophia—her own story]

Purpose of th blog== Looking Back and Looking Forward

I am at a senior age where I can reflect on what I dreamt of and what I actually achieved. I am a postgraduate in economics and a trained educator. Because my husband’s job involved frequent moves between cities, I could only put in a short stint in teaching as a career. However, I have always remained a teacher at heart, devoting my time to helping academic under-achievers as well as guiding the ambitious. My focus has been a stress-free work-life balance with adequate time for my family and home. Hence monetary gains and professional growth were not my priority. A teacher’s best reward is the love, acceptance and progress of students. From that angle, I have been bestowed with the title ofa ‘thoughtful teacher’, sincerely striving to enhance the potential of students. Today some of my students are doctorates in medicine and other fields. In spite of frequent moves to different locations, my daughters are also well-accomplished..

I imbibed interest in academics and education from my parents. I studied in a village school founded by my uncle. My father was the school headmaster and some of the teachers were part of our extended family. Hence, I got involved with all the academic activities.. The medium of instruction in school was Malayalam (a regional Indian language) and English was just an additional language. But I have received top grades and appreciation for my spoken and written English throughout my educational career.

I have always had a passion for creative writing and enjoy word games. I am proud to say that my blog titled “ammammaruminates” / www.word press.com. is the creative inspiration of my grand daughter at the tender age of 13. “Ammamma” means mother’s mother or grandma and she wants me to share my childhood stories on this blog. You are welcome to visit this website, read my posts and share your thoughts.