Dorai Thodla

Teacher in Chennai, India

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An entrepreneur, occasional coder, lover of scifi, books and all things humorous. Want to be a builder of communities, a good mentor and teacher.

We us wear many hats and sometimes we even forget what those are. But that is life, a dynamic ever changing journey.

I have a few half baked theories about life. I keep updating them based on my experiences.

1. Curiosity is more important than knowledge.

2. Humor (especially self directed) helps a lot.

3. Random acts of kindness have surprising power. Try a few.

4. Be nice to people. Help them as much as you can.

5. For me life is mostly about reading. All the other stuff I do is to support that indulgence.

  • Work
    • Teacher.
  • Education
    • College of Engineering, Guindy