Dora Keogh

141 Danforth Ave.

Dora Keogh - a project of the Irish Pub Group; opened in September of 1997, and is Toronto's most authentic country pub.

Seating is bench and stool. Dora Keogh features an intimate snug, a massive wood burning fireplace and Yer Ma's Kitchen where authentic home cooked meals can be had for groups of eight to fourteen.

"You know you've come to the right place when the barman answers "roight" to your request for a pint (note: unappended, this always means a pint of Guinness). Next door to Allen's, the room is a sanctuary of pressed-copper tables, shin-high stools, stone fireplace and weathered hardwood floors. The tolling of a vintage clock keeps the time for couples mumbling behind the frosted-glass dividers. When bands visit (even the Chieftains have come to play), the mood is far from sedate. You could almost picture Michael Flatley - chest bared, legs flailing - bursting through the door."

Toronto Life Magazine,
March 1999

"...Dora Keogh is a wide open space, warmly lined with wood, a long bar running half the length of the room on its left. There are booths here and there, and a host of implausibly comfortable knee-high copper-covered tables. If you settle in here, remember that the service is authentically English pub, which is to say that you must serve yourself at the bar.

Head for the back of the room past the fireplace and you will find a kitchen plucked from some rural Irish cottage circu-1952, sans earthen floor. An old radio sits atop the 50's fridge. The stove dates from the same era. So too the rest of the fixtures. This is yer ma's kitchen.

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