Dorchester Collection


The particular nature of the commitment to luxury may have changed over the years, but The Dorchester Collection still remains one of the biggest forces in luxury hotel ownership. They own a variety of hotels worldwide, and are partnered with even more companies for partial ownership of commercial luxury establishments.

Their hotels are known for being some of the most memorable luxury experiences a guest can ever have. Because of their commitment to that luxury hotel attitude, they've made sure that the customer experience comes first. With iconic locations, and historic buildings remaining the focus of their hotel sites, these provide a different type of experience.

Plus, all hotels are fully modernized, to comply with what the hotel guest of 2014 expects of their rooms. The finest furnishings, and classic décor that never really goes out of style, alongside the WIFI connection that's needed to stay in contact with the outside world.

The Dorchester Collection has made a name on reinventing the concept of a luxury hotel, and currently their locations are second to none.