Doré Chic

Doré Chic Jewels has launched its brand and e-boutique -, with the exclusive purveyor of boutique jewellery for Canadian and all American women. As the founder of Doré Chic Jewels I am aiming to carve a niche in trendy jewellery with Doré Chic and its boutique, one- of-a- kind appeal. The jewels are recognized for its combined antique yet glamorous look and boho-chic flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness with influences of Mediterranean culture. The collection is made of bronze and plated with bold 22K gold, adorned with colourful gems, natural stones and pure silk in many different colours and shades for the jewels to stand out. Each piece in Doré Chic collection is individually crafted by hand, by Mediterranean artisans using thousands years of jewellery making tradition. Despite these meticulous details, the boutique jewellery sells at lower prices than those of many competitors. The brand has started to recruit Trendsetter Jewel Stylists and host Jewellery parties using the “new generation” boutique marketing approach, following the launch event in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.