Doreen Finkle

A former teacher deeply committed to furthering education, Doreen Finkle has devoted much of her time to growing as an education advocate. She holds teaching certificates in Elementary Education and Special Education from Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey. Doreen Finkle taught at Petersen Public Schools in New Jersey before becoming a stay-at-home mother. She homeschooled her own two children for five years. Taking a creative and interactive approach to learning, Finkle took her children to visit every state in the continental U.S., stopping at museums and parks of importance along the way. Today, Doreen Finkle remains a staunch advocate for education and maintains membership in the New Jersey Education Association, Homeschoolers United Biblically, Morris County Home Schoolers, as well as the Home School Legal Defense Association, an advocacy group that works to ensure parents’ rights to educate their children. In addition, Finkle maintains involvement in a Bible study group and volunteers her time at local schools. Finkle is also a member of the Tea Party movement and serves as President for Campus Tea Parties New Jersey. In her free time, Doreen Finkle enjoys gardening, and jogging, playing piano, and reading. A member of her local book club, Finkle counts Tom Clancy as her favorite author. In addition to visiting every U.S. state except Hawaii, she has also traveled to the Spain, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.