Doreen H Wong

Houston, TX

To sum me up in a sentence, " I am Sci-fi breast cancer slaying gamer geek baseball loving social media enthusiast with a serious food and travel addiction".

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Referred to by many of her colleagues and friends as a "Turn Around Specialist", Doreen is passionate about developing innovative solutions to bring about positive change. For example, Ms. Wong began to have conversations about social enterprise models and leveraging the power of social media marketing during the early days of MYSPACE.

However, she quickly realized many did not share her enthusiasm nor could they keep up with rapidly growing and changing social technology industry. Doreen has spent the last few years training and consulting with nonprofit organizations, small and family owned businesses, as well as home-based entrepreneurs and students on "How to" (verses what to) leverage technology, social media and Apps to streamline their business processes, enhance their brand and increase their revenue.