George Dorgan

George Dorgan is the pen name of a Swiss banker and project manager. He is the main editor of the SNB central bank watch.

George is just one out of many that predicted the Jan 15, 2015 financial tsunami - but maybe he provides the most thorough background. The picture is from his CFA Society presentation in September 2014, when he predicted that the "SNB can stop the franc only temporarily".

Influenced by (in order of importance):
1. Michael Pettis, Jeffry Frieden
2. M. Faber, Hayek, Mises, Böhm-Bawerk
3. Keynes

Expert in: FX, Central Bank Bal. Sheets & Balance of Payments, Risk Management, TBTF

Faith: Christian, believes in God

Likes: Austrian & Supply Side Economics, Deflation caused by Globalization and Technology, The Euro, Mindful Investing, Leo Tolstoi, Praxeology (based on bal. of payments related axioms)

Dislikes: Excessive Risk Taking, New/Neo Keynesian, Economic Models, Concept called GDP

Speaks: 6 languages fluently and Russian quite well