Dori Nussbaum

Consultant in Seminole, Florida

My family was so poor that I was fed potatoes as a child. My father failed and failed until he finally succeeded in business. He taught us that you never give up.

I started working at 14 and have not stopped since.

I graduated USF in Arts and Communications and was one of 41 students in the nation to win the coveted Blue Key Award for Public Relations Excellence that year. I took a one year contract in DC to re-write the Time Manual for the Federal Government so employees would log into a computer instead of punching in. I met my husband and stayed in Maryland.

Moved into mortgage banking because I have excellent math skills, people skills and computer skills. All my customers became customers for life. They loved watching my kids grow up, referred their friends, family and co-workers and I was able to pre-pay college for all my children.

I worked for over 20 years in the mortgage industry and it had good years, great years and terrible years. When the laws became so difficult, I decided I had done enough in that industry and I went to work for Apple.

I am very tech savvy, which drives my friends crazy. They can't understand computers well, and I fly through them. I love selling and meeting people, I'm the one who sends an email saying Happy Birthday, or Happy Anniversary, at least I did in the mortgage industry and it kept me as a referral banker so I wasn't looking for leads.

I like to think out of the box, I had signs on my car, Refi Now, Ask me how, and phone number. Everyone laughed at me, I got two deals the first day...then I started wearing pins, "I'm in the mortgage industry, ask me a question", and got more deals.

I love to think out of the box. It has always worked well in business for me. I was the Mom who couldn't deal with the drama so I worked. I drove all my kids through nursery school and was working at home when they came home.

Family is very important to me, I have a son getting married, my last ones graduate from college 2016 and time will tell!