Dorian Stretton AKA kyrrith AKA Do3

I was born somewhere near the middle of England during the second half of the 20th Century. I have undertaken various creative, and not so creative, pursuits throughout my life eventually discovering my true passion for photography. I also enjoy various forms of writing as well as the performing arts. I've been told that I'm an awesome dancer and I'm not going to dispute that. I also enjoy tabletop RPGs and have been a regular player and GM for almost twenty years. I'm also a dedicated Linux user and advocate of Free Software. Both of the above probably qualify me as a bit of a geek. Not to mention my love of comics and sci-fi. I also enjoy various types of music and a good beer always goes down well.

On top of all that I have an interest in politics and social issues which tends to lean towards the liberal and sometimes even socialist. Having said that my views are a little too complex to be pigeonholed by a particular label. As far as religion is concerned I can best be described as an Agnostic since I think the only genuinely honest answer one can ever reach concerning the existence, or otherwise, of God is; I don't know. I am however far more willing to follow the answers provided by science than those provided by any faith when pursuing questions of the truth.