Dorian Karthauser

Dallas, TX

Entrepreneur at My Pandamonium Marketing-SEO: Creating Internet Presence and EMPOWERING business to compete and SELL online.

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Dorian Karthauser: "My passion is to EMPOWER Business to Compete in the Online Digital Media Marketplace! With My Pandamonium Marketing-SEO websites and online marketing expertise - any size business can now compete and SELL - on the internet."

INTERNET/INBOUND MARKETING: WordPress Designer/Developer, SEO, Social Media, SEM
TRAINING: WordPress, Social Media, SEO, SEM
PUBLIC SPEAKING: WordPress, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing with Custom Designed WordPress Websites, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Local Search Engine Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing.

Growing business and blogs from 'no internet presence' to #1 in Google Search. Training Business and Individuals to maximize business profitability and internet presence through knowledge and best use of Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Interest and Activities: Marketing, Digital Marketing, WordPress, New Media, Technology, Sales and Marketing, SEO, Open Source, Professional Writing, Personal Development and Motivation, SciFi and Fantasy Fan, Amateur Photographer, Avid Traveler, Philosopher and Drinker of Coffee. Lots of coffee.

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