Dorian Brighton

Psychologist and Acupuncturist in Witham, Wielka Brytania

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As a rule I am a bright and charming individual. I enjoy reading books. I derive pleasure from the books written by these authors: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and George Bernard Shaw. I admire the works of such film directors as Federico Fellini as well as Tom Tykwer. I like these music bands very much Iron Butterfly and The Smashing Pumpkins. I get a kick out of entertaining myself with online baccarat. The finest casino game is of course Dracula. My personal opinion is that online casino games are a great form of entertainment. I can behave like an avid fan of cake baking.

Now my function at work is a psychologist. I really like doing sport. My favourite sports are skating and parachuting. My native city is Partington - honestly a fascinating city.