Dorian Hedy Mekni

Dorian Hedy Mekni

Complexities of Brand-Customer Relationships

It is a well-known fact that marketing is one of the main components to running a successful business. For any venture to thrive it needs customers; customers need to be attracted and made aware of the company for anyone to actually buy anything, therefore establishing a brand that is distinguishable from competitors is a priority. Used to developing clients’ marketing strategies, Dorian Hedy Mekni is the founder of Urban Amman a business service provider. Dorian Hedy Mekni and the rest of the team at Urban Amman are well aware of how the relationships between clients and brands work.

What is perhaps unknown to some people is just how complex the relationships are between a company’s clients and the brand itself. Building a strong positive brand can be difficult, it takes time and a creative mind in order to produce something that stands apart from competitors in the same market. However, the rewards will be substantial, as more people become aware of what the business stands for, what products are on offer and how customers go about accessing them.

One clever marketing technique is exploiting customer’s fidelity with their favourite brands. Most people have got a favourite brand that they will, almost without fail, always buy their products from. The video game industry contains a good example of this, when Microsoft and Sony bring out their latest iterations of console, they are guaranteed to have a core customer base who will buy the product regardless. Both companies have to work hard to draw customers away from their favourite console.

Sometimes however, if a person deviates from their favourite brand, no matter how brief, it has been proven that their attraction to their main brand will become stronger. Trying something new is always an enticing prospect, and it is this stimulation, that if marketed properly by the primary brand can be brought back to the original, favourite product and reinforce the customer’s original attraction.

A more complex relationship such as flirting with another brand works in the same way as personal relationships, returning to the original brand will often result in an enhanced yearning to purchase more of its products.