Dorinne Tye

Cost Engineer, Construction Costing, and Consultant in Oregon

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Blessed with a life as colorfully muted, painfully beautiful and hauntingly alive as a phenomenal mountain range outside my window, displaying a setting sun, which fails to be noticed most of the time, ultimately lost to the majestic picture, merely a dot of paint on the enormous canvas.

When the C level career is attained all too early, children are grown and moving on, what does one do? To wake one day and be asked:
What do you want to do?
What do you like to do?
brings with it a humbling and crushing realization that you can't even begin to answer this question. The horror is quickly replaced by a childlike excitement.

Exploring that which is beautiful, that which is lovely, that which is true, that which uplifts and honors my fellow dot's of paint ultimately bringing the canvas of majesty into HD one dot at a time.

Abolish why, embrace how.

Discover the good stuff, share it & multiply the 'have's' because being a 'have not'' is...
exciting too if you have not been sick or have not been hounded by creditors.

What we build is where we live. Compile a case or a dream. Fabricate a file or a future. Invest in revenge or grace.

Pain, betrayal, tribulations in many forms do not produce strength, what we choose to do with them can.

Solve ancient mysteries:

To have or not to have...